Work, Life Perfected: Digstown Doggie Daycare

Work, Life Perfected: Digstown Doggie Daycare

By: Skylar Colclazier

Opportunity to not only start a business, but to grow in a community you’re proud of is an amazing feat. Stacy Read, a Stapleton resident, Stapleton business pioneer, and single mother of two, has grown her business by opening her second Digstown Doggie Daycare (Digstown North), in the Stapleton community in Denver, CO.

Her first doggie daycare location opened in Stapleton’s South End neighborhood off of Montview Blvd. and Central Park Blvd.  The second location, at 5088 N Central Park Blvd, encompasses over 8,500 square feet in Stacy Read’s 18,000-square-foot development. Stacy has big plans for the remaining 10,800-sqaure-feet, but right now, the focus is Digstown North.

Prior to opening Digstown Doggie Daycare, Stacy worked in the Information Technology industry and while she was successful in her field; she yearned for more—something that gave her purpose. A passion for animals and a strong entrepreneurial spirit is what started her on the Digstown journey.

Starting a business is, most often, a daunting process and with the numbers favoring failure more than success—80% of small businesses fail in the first 18 months.  Despite the odds, Stacy trudged forward and initiated the land purchase process with Forest City (now Brookfield Properties). Stacy purchased an acre of land and crafted an architecture plan with the dogs’ needs in mind. In 2006, she opened the 7,100-sqaure-foot building located at 2005 Willow Street. She used this same general plan for her second location.

Building from the ground up, in a community she loves, with perseverance and a thorough understanding of her customer’s needs, Stacy and Digstown have become well known and valued in the Stapleton community.

Stacy describes Stapleton as “my community.” It’s where she lives, her children go to school and where she works. Further, Stacy has developed a strong rapport with her customers and her customers’ parents. Yes, her customers are the dogs who thoroughly enjoy the amenities at Digstown Doggie Daycare.

  • Staff on site 24 hours a day
  • Built from scratch nice pun! with dogs in mind
  • Facility-wide fire sprinklers & alarms
  • Friendly and experienced staff
  • No chain link = happy paws & noses
  • Climate controlled year round
  • 3 pools, fountains, shade & more
  • No hidden charges or extra fees
  • Spacious 24-75sf lodging suites
  • Dogs play and socialize all day
  • Conveniently on your way to DIA
  • 10 baths or mani/pedi on pick up day!

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