Wonderland Homes – Decorated veteran and family gifted with new home

Wonderland Homes Operation finally Home

On Saturday, July 25th something amazing happened in Stapleton, a veteran was given the gift of stability and peace of mind that his family would have a roof over their head thanks in part to Wonderland Homes and Operation Finally Home.   The journey began back in February when U.S. Military Veteran Sgt Moarco Dominguez and family were surprised at an Avalanche game with the news they would be getting the house.  In April the Domiguez family had the opportunity to see the progress on the house and where surprised by well wishes contractors and neighbors had written on the drywall.  Now in July we come full circle and the Dominguez family saw their completed home for the first time.

Fox 31 Denver’s Drew Engelbart was at the event on Saturday. U.S. Army Sgt. Marco Dominguez is decorated with two purple hearts and several other achievement medals. “I wouldn’t say that I’m more deserving,” Marco said. “I would say that I accept it for all the other people that didn’t get it that are deserving.”See the entire story and watch the video here

Welcome to the community Dominguez family!

See Wonderland Homes collections in Stapleton.

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