WhiteNow Teeth Whitening Opens in E 29th Ave. Town Center

WhiteNow Teeth Whitening in Denver, CO

Marc Isaac, owner of WhiteNow Teeth Whitening, has been a resident of Stapleton for over 4 years and has decided to open his own teeth whitening only salon. It is located at 7484 E 29th Ave., right by Four Friends Kitchen, and behind Blue Creek Spa.

This is not a dental office. The benefit of this site is that Marc and his staff can perform teeth whitening without the hassle of exams and X-rays at a much lower price than what a dental office charges. They use an amazing product that is made with all natural ingredients; consisting of food grade hydrogen peroxide with naturally occurring minerals that help support and protect your enamel. There are no added preservatives in their product. They have had great results, with some patients even whitening up to 14 shade (most whiten between 5-8 shades.)

Majority of dental offices don’t like to offer in-office bleaching anymore; and if they do, it can be pretty pricey, anywhere from $500-800 dollars. The products that they use are extremely strong, causing a lot of sensitivity. WhiteNow Teeth Whitening clients are only paying $225 for their bleaching session and are experiencing minimal sensitivity, if any.


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