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January 7, 2013 Stapleton Stories No Comments

Stapleton Whats Next Evolution of a Neighborhood

A Blog Series

By John Lehigh

President, Forest City Stapleton (now Brookfield Properties)

This land has a story. A big story.

As roads, parks and homes begin to take shape in Conservatory Green Neighborhood, we’re looking at how far we’ve come. It all began when the Denver Municipal Airfield opened in 1929. Back then, it was hailed as the nation’s most modern airport!

Thirty-five years later, the airfield became Stapleton International Airport … and the rest is history:

  • 1989: More than 20 years ago, Denver voters approved a plan to build the Denver International Airport.
  • 1990-1998: The Stapleton Foundation was born. The organization helped write the “Green Book,” which served as a redevelopment plan for the old airport. Forest City (now Brookfield Properites) was also chosen as the developer.
  • 2002: Stapleton’s first residents moved in.
  • 2003-2006: In the next four years, the neighborhood changed dramatically. The E. 29th Avenue Town Center and The Shops at Northfield Stapleton opened; three new schools began classes; and more than 5,000 residents moved into homes and apartments.
  • 2007-2011: Fast-forward another five years. Stapleton welcomed the 80-acre Central Park, more schools and amenities, 38+ miles of trails, the HGTV Green Home, and a new interstate connection.

Today, we’re celebrating a decade of development. And Stapleton has become a thriving place for business as well as a home for more than 17,000 residents and 100+ shops and Denver restaurants.

So what’s next?

Stapleton’s eighth neighborhood is well underway. Conservatory Green neighborhood is north of I-70 and across from The Shops at Northfield Stapleton. The neighborhood’s models and 500 homes will begin to open in the spring. The area’s also named for a plaza and green at its center, which will be a spot for countless gatherings and Denver events!

Conservatory Green neighborhood is going to be dynamic, and we’re committed to sharing its story. Over the next 11 months, we will be posting articles from the people who will shape the neighborhood. From construction workers to homebuilders, gardeners, designers, Realtors, residents and so many more … it’s all part of the evolution of Stapleton that has made it home.

Take a look at this video of the first roads and construction in Conservatory Green neighborhood, and meet people who already live in Stapleton.

Enjoy the journey: There will be many more stories as the year continues!

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