What a buyer wants

What a Buyer Wants

The NewHome Source recently put out an article about what new home buyers want. When looking over the list it is easy to see why Stapleton is the #1 selling master planned community in Colorado. The variety of home choices offered the Stapleton 10 builders (over 20 collections), allow home buyers to shop according to their life stage and home style preference.

Here is the list of top 10 features home buyers want:

1. Open Concept Homes— New homes offer spacious, flowing floorplans and high ceilings that older houses don’t provide.

2. Smaller Homes — McMansions are expensive to heat, cool and maintain. The wide array of new homes make it easy to find the size just right for you.

3. Outdoor Living Spaces — True in Canada and even more so in the many temperate areas of the U.S. For example, the 2011 Design Driver Survey from AvidBuilder found that 31.4 percent of move-up buyers (people moving to a larger home) said they either must have or really want an outdoor fireplace.

4. Neutral Decor — Probably best for selling a home. However, as a new home buyer, don’t be afraid to display your true colors. As we’ve reported in our blog, whether it’s hip designer Jonathan Adler bringing bold colors back to the kitchen with his line of vibrant sinks for Kohler or furniture and bedding in the current Color of the Year (tangerine) more and more homeowners are bravely adopting brighter hues.

5. Modern Kitchens — The heart of every home. This is where new homes shine with the latest and greatest design, cabinets, countertops and lighting — to say nothing of state-of-the-art appliances.


To find out what the other 5 are read the full article here.

Did the going green and energy-efficiency points mark high on your list? At least 10% of the homes being built in our newest neighborhood Beeler Park  will be built to Zero Energy Ready standards.

If you agreed with some or all of the features above check out the all of the options here in Stapleton and start down the path to find your dream home.

Happy Home shopping!

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