What’s that yellow circle at Swigert-McAuliffe? …


Working Art, an artist team of Park Hill residents Ceri and Khabir Salahadyn, installed the “Yellow Astrological Sunshade Dome” at the Swigert-McAuliffe International Campus earlier this year.

The art piece stands out as a bright, umbrella-shaped structure on the school’s playground, and was recently featured on page five of Go Green Kids & Parents, an international magazine dedicated to environmental awareness.

Now for the really educational part: Hole patterns are placed along the Sunshade Dome in the shape of the 12 zodiac signs found in the constellations.

Depending on the time of year, the sun only shines directly through the dome’s holes that correspond with the season … however, the Salahadyns are planning to light the piece at night through a solar-powered system that will be built from locally donated materials.

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