Uniquely Stapleton – Parkwood Homes

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The Shenandoah Collection of Single Family Homes

On a drive through Stapleton, a Parkwood home stands out.  With timeless design and proportions drawn from the best of traditional American architecture, a Parkwood looks like a home you’d see in a classic movie—the perfect setting for a growing family and their fun-filled adventures.  Three-piece crown molding, smooth wall finish, and warm window and door casings—details like these are what make a house feel like a great home, and they come standard in a Parkwood home.  But on top of the charming look and feel of a Parkwood—each one bears the imprint of a family. Our floor plans are just a starting point—when you step into a Parkwood home, it is truly the custom-tailored creation of the family who bought it, because every single family home buyer at Parkwood gets the chance to sit down with our architect and customize their plan to fit the way they live.  The Asheville, the Chesapeake, the Cape May, and all the homes in Parkwood’s Shenandoah Collection can’t be found anywhere else in Colorado.  Parkwood Homes is a small, privately owned homebuilder that crafts a limited number of homes each year and is proud to be building families the home of their dreams in Stapleton.


Beacon Hill Collection of Townhomes

Beacon Hill…Cambridge…Georgetown…Alexandria.  Great places with centuries of American history and streets lined with buildings that inspire.  Their evocative Main Street architecture was brought west across the plains in the 1800s and can be seen in historic downtowns throughout the Rocky Mountains.  Parkwood’s Beacon Hill Collection of townhomes—found exclusively in Stapleton–draws upon classical forms, proportions, and details of the Old World, but its eclectic mix of structures also speaks to the organic and functional growth of the old west.  Inside a Beacon Hill Collection townhome, you will find the same craftsmanship and attention to detail that welcomed you on the outside.  Standard features such as three-piece crown molding, smooth walls, and warm window and door casings bring continuity and character to unexpectedly large and open living spaces.  Beyond the look and feel, Beacon Hill townhomes feature modern amenities and technologies that exceed expectations.  NEST learning thermostats, Bosch appliances, and cutting edge energy efficient design bring these classic townhomes into the 21st century.  Set in fantastic, walkable locations and requiring limited maintenance, the Beacon Hill Collection of Townhomes provide a surprising new solution for modern homebuyers looking for a home they can be proud of in a neighborhood they love.