Uniquely Stapleton – Northfield High School is Now Open

Northfield High School in Stapleton

Stapleton is known for excellent schools.  Up until now Stapleton has had pre-school through junior high school for parents to choose from.  That all changed this fall with the opening of Northfield High School. There was a lot of planning that went into developing the high school to be just a little different from the others.  For example the school day is from 8:45 am – 4:45 pm, because studies show teenagers perform better if they are able to sleep a little longer before they begin the school day.

Northfield High School is the first school in the district to offer all three Project Lead the Way( a nationally renowned STEM organization) programs in Biomedical Science, Engineering and Computer Science.  Northfield will also implement the Meaningful Math curriculum (a Common Core aligned, project-based math program) and the Next Generation Science Standards CPO Physics First Program.   To ensure a well-rounded education, Northfield High School offers arts programs in music, theatre, studio arts and dance. The school is currently awaiting  authorization from the International Baccalaureate, to become the first high school in the district to offer an  IB Diploma Program in all four fields. For those students who  are interested in politics or law there is a program that partners with the Colorado Bar Association. All of this wouldn’t be possible without the  outstanding teachers at Northfield High School.  Some of their  honors  include: the Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics and the Mile High Denver Teacher Award. Among the interesting backgrounds of the Northfield High School teachers is a musician with  the Irish rock band Potcheen,  and a martial arts expert with a 7th degree black belt, just to name a few. Northfield High School also understands the importance of good health.  Every student will participate in daily physical education, choosing from martial arts, dance/yoga and fitness conditioning.  The school will also offer a robust athletics program for student athletes, all of whom must maintain a B- average to play.

There  are a lot of great high schools  around Denver, but none are like Northfield High School, which is  uniquely Stapleton.

Northfield High School in the News:

For more information on the high school please visit their website.

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