Uniquely Stapleton – Infinity Home Collection

January 14, 2015 Uniquely Stapleton No Comments


At Infinity Home Collection, we love designing bold, new, hip, non-generic architecture.  We call it “square footage with soul.”  It is cool and sophisticated, yet friendly.  We understand the value of open spaces, pocket parks, paths and trails.  We embrace transit-oriented community development, and the live, work, shop and commute opportunities that its residents enjoy.  We advocate all things built green, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and smart.  Our buyers are attracted to our sense of style and sophisticated architecture.  They appreciate the craftsmanship and non-cookie cutter nature of our homes.  They welcome the indoor/outdoor relationships, the abundance of natural light, and the uniqueness of our floor plans.  The judges have agreed with our buyers, and since day one in Stapleton, every Infinity collection has been honored with local and national awards.

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