Uniquely Stapleton – Halloween

Remember the excitement you would get as a kid to pick out your costume for Halloween? For some that excitement has never stopped. As a matter of fact, some reading this may be conjuring up costume ideas and party plans. .  For every kid and person who is a kid at heart, Stapleton has become the place to be on Halloween plans.

Brendon Loy, a community resident, said it best in his blog Surviving Halloween in Stapleton, “If you haven’t experienced Halloween in Stapleton, you haven’t really experienced Halloween.” There are many great tips in his blog on how to prepare and survive Halloween. So if you are new I would suggest checking out his blog.

Last year we got a great perspective from two Halloween authorities, Ava and Maya (both age 7 at the time of the interview).  When asked what was their favorite part about Halloween, they just laughed and said Trick or Treating.  And in Stapleton treats are in abundance on Halloween. If you’re planning to hand out candy this year, you may want to start stocking up now.

Now are you still trying to figure out what to be for Halloween?  Kids trying to decide whether to be scary, or a super hero or maybe something funny? Head over to Spirit Halloween in The Shops at Northfield to help with the decision making.  Or for those really creative people Goodwill is a great place to pick up all of the necessary pieces to make a great costume and save a little money. Whatever you do, let your imagination run free.

Is a haunted house on your list to do this Halloween?  You are in luck as DSST Stapleton High School is going to have a Haunted House on Saturday, October 24th at 2000 Valentia Street.  The proceeds will benefit a group of students traveling to Italy in 2016.

Halloween is a time to be someone, or something else, for a night (or two).  Here we have a little something for everyone. Young and young at heart. All you need is to have a little Halloween Spirit to enjoy all of these events so unique to Stapleton.

Join us Saturday, June 29th as we celebrate the launch of North End neighborhood with the biggest party of the summer.