Uniquely Stapleton – A Park is a Beautiful Thing


It is that time of the year where the weather is warming up, flowers are starting to bloom and the desire to be outside is building.  Well Stapleton your outdoor oasis awaits!

Did you know parks make up 35% of Stapleton? Parks are in our DNA.  From day one, Stapleton was envisioned as a place where people will have ample opportunities to spend more time outside. It’s that time of the year to get out and explore the 50+ parks that make Stapleton so unique.

The largest park in Stapleton is Central Park, or what we like to call 80 acres of fun. You can enjoy the thrills of sledding in the winter and witness outdoor team sports in the warmer months. This playful crown jewel even hosts amazing Dr. Seuss-inspired playground.  Central Park truly represents the rich diversity of whimsical experiences. Yet, it’s only the beginning of what you’ll find exploring Stapleton’s 50+parks.

Are you in the mood for some fresh vegetables or perhaps an unusual unique antique? How about a movie under the stars with your family? If yes, then Founders Green is the place to be in the summer!  Thanks to the Stapleton MCA (Master Community Association), everyone is treated to a weekly farmers market, a monthly art and antique market, regular concerts, movies under the stars, and even a little Shakespeare… just to name few.  Check out the schedule of events!

Looking for a more intimate park. Stapleton is full of neighborhood pocket parks. Hidden gems that serve as an extension of your yard and a ready change of scenery, all just footsteps from you front door in Stapleton.

  • Bluff Lake Neighborhood has several senses parks. Cherry Pie Park where you can share recipes and pick cherries for your edible delights. At Rumble Park, kids can explore the different sounds they can make when riding scooters and bikes over the scored sidewalk. Lastly, Bouquet Park is where the smells of the floral gardens fill the air.
  • Eastbridge Neighborhood has the Four Seasons Parks- Fall Park, Spring Park, Summer Park and Winter Park where the outdoors can be enjoyed year round.
  • South End Neighborhood, Westerly Creek and East 29th Avenue Neighborhoods are all connected by Greenway Park. Here you will discover a skate park, community garden, rock climbing wall and many other hidden treasures.
  • Central Park West Neighborhood enjoys the long parks call the Mews. Here you will find a harvest table where all the neighbors can get together and share a meal and a few laughs.
  • Central Park North Neighborhood is surrounded by Central Park, Westerly Creek and Sand Creek Regional Greenway.
  • Conservatory Green Neighborhood continues the tradition with Conservatory Green Plaza, where you can enjoy a water feature to cool off in the summer and a fire pit to keep you warm at night.
  • Our newest neighborhood, Willow Park East, will have three very unique pocket parks, Harvest Park, Quilted Garden Park and Pizza Park (which is not only shaped like a slice of pizza, but it will also have a wood burning pizza oven).

Dogs love Stapleton, and Stapleton loves dogs.  There are so many areas for dogs to explore sniff around and enjoy the outdoors. But don’t take our word for it, read about one dogs journey in Stapleton.  Want a place where your dog can run off leash and meet other dogs?  The dog park on Montview and Syracuse is just the place.  And for those single people, Stapleton Dog Park was voted Best dog Park for finding a date 2014 by Westword readers.  To top it off Stapleton received the Paw of Approval Seal from National Geographic.

Sometimes people find the journey more important than the destination.  So for those individuals, Stapleton parkways make getting between here and there a lovely place to be.  Along 29th Avenue you will find a tree- and flower – lined pathway (inspired by the Tuileries Garden in Paris) that transports foot traffic from Founders Green to Westerly Creek. The parkways allow you to stroll a meandering path beneath a canopy of trees, with places to sit and rest along the way, take that sidewalk!

At the end of the day, a park is a beautiful thing.  It’s a fresh perspective. A good conversation. A park can change your mood. Lift your spirits. And turn an ordinary day into one to remember.  So go out and explore the 50+ parks here in Stapleton. And should you be in the sharing mood, post photos of your park explorations on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #lovestapletonparks. We’d love to see what you enjoy about Stapleton Parks.