Übergrippen: NE Denver’s Community Climbing Crag—Coming June 2017

Photo credit: Jenifer Harrington

Photo credit: Jenifer Harrington

Übergrippen: NE Denver’s Community Climbing Crag—Coming June 2017

By: Skylar Colclazier

With over 23,000 residents, office developments, retail establishments and more; there’s no denying that the Stapleton community is thriving and it continues to grow.  In Stapleton, you can count on a sense of community and access to the great outdoors. The 50+ parks, 38+ miles of trails and expansive open space brings solace to the everyday adventurer without having them sacrifice the urban lifestyle.

It’s these fundamentals of the Stapleton community that attracted Jake and Kimberly Crine to Stapleton ten years ago. Jake has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, a love for adventure, and a passion for the outdoors (he started rock climbing in high school and climbing later brought him and Kimberly together). The couple recognized that, for Stapleton, the area’s baby boom meant an inevitable surge in the number of teenagers. This realization is what sparked the idea of opening the area’s first indoor climbing facility.

Jake and Kimberly zeroed in on the 1.42 acres of land at the intersection of Montview and Central Park Boulevard and instantly knew it would be the perfect location for Übergrippen, a full-service indoor climbing crag to serve all of NE Denver, to take hold. Why a climbing facility? Jake emphasized that climbing provides complete mind and body wellness; it strengthens your body from fingers to toes, improves flexibility and balance, and challenges your mind. As much as climbing is about solving “problems” and working through a difficult “crux”, climbing is also about building friendship and  strengthening community. The culture of Übergrippen will be focused on creating a community of support, encouragement and learning and that culture extends to all: adults, children, teenagers, parents, families, friends, coworkers, and neighbors.  Jake and Kimberly are drawn to climbing because he says the sport has NO age limitations; it allows everyone to participate together regardless of an individual’s ability — it is a perfect activity for an entire family!!

Übergrippen is a 21,000-square-foot facility with 16,000-square-feet of indoor roped climbing and bouldering walls that reach over 40 feet tall as well as a dedicated climbing area designed for children which will be used for instruction or group events (including birthday parties). Additionally, Übergrippen will have an 1,100-square-foot yoga studio and a 1,300-square-foot fitness studio. Other amenities include a lounge and patio future café & taproom. The development includes a large yard with mountain vistas that includes an outdoor bouldering feature, slack-lining, corn hole and other games, and will also allow for summertime al fresco yoga classes.

Übergrippen is truly a place for the entire family. So if you are 4, 74, or any age in between, plan to make a trip to “the crag” this summer and CLIMB ON!

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