Tuf It Out Schooling Show presented by the Urban Farm at Stapleton

Tuf It Out Schooling Show by the Urban Farm in Denver, CO

Come join us for some fun and LOADS of PRIZES at The Urban Farm! Jump your horses over show quality jumps or practice your dressage test in a new unfamiliar place! A great place to dust off those showing cobwebs and prepare for the summer!!

We will run the series with a championship at the end (May 20th). Loads of prizes from local tack stores and shops!!

  • Each class will have ribbons to the sixth (6th) place
  • Division ribbons will be given ON May 20th. Points given per ribbon are:

1st place = 7 points              4th place = 3 points

2nd place = 5 points                 5th place = 2 points

3rd place =  4 points                 6th place = 1 point


All points will be combined through the May 20th show for Championship and Reserve Championship Ribbons and prizes.

DIRECTIONS: From the east and west- take I-70 to Havana; turning left on Havana; continuing over the railroad tracks and turning right onto Smith Road. We are down the road about ¼ mile on the left, brown building with a red stripe through the middle. Turn into parking lot under large wooden archway. Signs will be posted.    

A link to registration forms will be located on our web page at: www.theurbanfarm.org/tuf-it-out-schooling-show-series/.

Entries close on February 19th and must be emailed or scanned to :    tufhorseshows@gmail.com or mailed to The Urban Farm, 10200 Smith Road, Denver 80239  ATTN:  Horse Show.


$10.00 per class per rider                         $15.00 EMT

$ 15.00 office fee per rider                                   $   5.00 day of show fee

Concessions will be available

Look for any updates after 6:00p.m. the night before on our website www.theurbanfarm.org or on facebook Questions call 303-912-1859

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