TradeUp in Stapleton

By: Skylar Colclazier

Want to start a business? Maybe, you’ve noticed a need in your community and want to help.

In Stapleton, it’s possible.

Ever wondered what it costs to raise a child? What factors into that cost?

According to a United States Department of Agriculture report, the average cost of raising a child, from birth through 17-years-old, is over $240,000. If the total cost to raise a child is $245,340 and families spend 6% on clothing, then the cost for clothing is $14,720. What else could a family spend over $14,000 on? The possibilities are vast.

Tessie Gumusaneli—a Stapleton resident from Arizona—is well on her way to pioneering an affordable clothing solution with her business, TradeUp Clothing at Although Tessie rents space in Stapleton to operate from, is a fully web-based business.

While working in a shelter, Tessie witnessed the lack of resources available to victims (women and children) of domestic violence. Clothing is one such resource. After studying the situation, Tessie recognized the implications that clothing costs can have on families and found that clothing manufacturing has a negative environmental impact.

With the goal of helping others and the community, Tessie created Listening to Tessie, I realized TradeUp Clothing has the ability to do good things for the community.

TradeUp Clothing is a unique business where shoppers purchase an affordable membership for the ability to send in their new or lightly used children’s clothing. In return, the member earns 100% even exchange of items in TradeUp money that can be applied to the thousands of quality controlled items in inventory. Tessie commented, “It is important that we provide excellent clothing for your family. Every item we add to our store has passed our very strict quality control inspections.” Accordingly, all items are washed and steam cleaned before they are mailed to the new owner.

Don’t have any clothes to send? Not a problem. Parents can shop at TradeUp Clothing without a membership and purchase affordable clothes now.

There are over 20,000 residents in Stapleton who have the option of using her service and, as a result, save money and foster environmental sustainability. Tessie expressed her excitement in starting her business in Stapleton, an environmentally friendly and family-oriented community and mentioned that, “Giving back to the community we live in is an important mission of”

Staying true to her commitment to the community, Tessie has partnered with SafeHouse Denver to provide the victims of domestic violence with clothing options. The partnership agreement includes both the donation of clothing options for children in the crisis shelter and also a $5 dollar donation to SafeHouse Denver for every new member who signs up with TradeUp Clothing.

Check out the Community Outreach page to learn more about the partnership with SafeHouse Denver.

Want to learn more about TradeUp Clothing?

Why start a business in Stapleton?

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