The Unexpected Alley by Symantha Rodriguez

Yes, that is a picture of my alley. I have so many favorite places in Stapleton, but it is the everyday moments that mean the most. If asked this question 9 years ago, when I moved to Stapleton, I would have never guessed that so many hours would be spent in the unlikely alley behind my house. It has been a great place for the kids to play and for us to gather with neighbors on our many sunny Colorado days. There we have hosted happy hours, supported our aspiring artists with sidewalk chalk, had four wheeling adventures in friends Barbie jeeps, learned how to ride a bike, played basketball and baseball and made really great friends. I think one of the many reasons people move to Stapleton is for the sense of community, whether it be found in the Town Center, a pocket park, our new recreation center or the unexpected alley…

Symantha Rodriguez, Kentwood City Properties


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