The Stapleton Music Academy

Always wanted to take vocal lessons or learn an instrument? How about your kids?

Now you can learn how to sing or jam without ever leaving your house … the Stapleton Music Academy recently opened, offering a wide range of at-home lessons.

“It’s a lot like a reoccurring appointment with a personal trainer,” said founder Jonathan Branch. “There’s a big convenience factor in someone coming to your house.”

The academy’s instructors offer 45-minute lessons for ages 6 and up, covering everything from guitar and bass to voice, strings, piano, drums and percussion.

“We really are a forward-thinking guild of instructors, so we’re progressive in the methods we use,” Branch said. “We are focused on our students succeeding in life, and their musical interests and talents are part of that.”

Branch recently moved from Austin, Texas, to start Artists For Denver, a nonprofit that creates mentorship opportunities between creative professionals and children in foster care. He chose to also form a music academy focused on Stapleton because of the community’s growth.

“We were exposed to the community through some close friends who moved there. We love that it’s full of young families and a growing, dynamic community,” he said. “As Stapleton grows, we want to grow right along with it.”


Join us Saturday, June 29th as we celebrate the launch of North End neighborhood with the biggest party of the summer.