“The Old Neighborhood” By Richard Wisniewski and Todd Haucke, The Stapleton Realty LLC Team


Yes, Stapleton is maturing. Those of you who moved into this new and exciting community in the early days of the Stapleton development should feel good about your choice to live here and appreciate the beauty of what I will call the Old Neighborhood.

While driving around the area of 24th Avenue to 29th Avenue and between Syracuse Street and Central Park Boulevard, it struck me how tall the once six foot trees have grown. Now, they are towering over the sidewalks and giving soothing shade to front porches. Gone are the bulldozers, construction trucks, mud, dust, temporary fences only to be replaced by the tranquility of tall healthy trees and colorful front yards.

Greenway Park and the Aviator Pool and Park are full of lush green shrubs and colorful flowers adorning the walkways and resting benches. Let’s not forget the most signifying parkway, 29th Avenue from the East 29th Avenue Town Center all the way to Westerly Creek. This centerpiece of Stapleton is spectacular. One can get lost in the trees, bushes, ground cover, grass and the natural environment.

Those of you who just established a new home in Stapleton on the north side of Martin Luther King Boulevard,  take some time to walk around the Old Neighborhood and try to envision what your area will look like in eight years. I would suggest you do this in the summer to fully appreciate the beauty and all the work that has gone into creating such a pleasant green environment.

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