The Neighborhood Park
Stapleton’s Central Park sometimes gets all of the attention. There’s a lot to see in those 80 acres. A sledding hill, walking paths, an urban forest, playground, pond. And Westerly Creek & Greenway Park are equally impressive with their wide open spaces and winding trails.

But why does the underdog always seem to capture our attention? Why are we so captivated by the little engine (or park) that could? Stapleton is full of neighborhood parks that may only be an acre or less, but they’re ours.

They’re right outside the front door, and they’re the best spot for snow fights, family barbeques, neighborhood block parties, and time with a new book. They’re a retreat. A getaway. An urban oasis. And there’s always a new detail to see. That perfect bench. A shady spot. Flowers that take your breath away.

So step outside and say hello to Stapleton’s little guys. The unsung heroes of landscaping that make our neighborhood beautiful. There are 35+ parks that run along streets and around homes, and they’re just waiting for you to stop by …

Explore a map of Stapleton’s parks and available homes!

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