The Insider’s Guide to Surviving Black Friday

The Shops at Northfield at Dusk


By Molly Morrow

Director of Marketing, The Shops at Northfield Stapleton

Prior to becoming the director of marketing at a shopping center, it was like I was totally immune to Black Friday. Who, me? Shop the day after Thanksgiving? Pshaw. Get up for 8 a.m. doorbusters? No thank you!

Well, as I became further and further entrenched in the world of shopping-center marketing, those 8 a.m. doorbusters gradually turned into 5 a.m. doorbusters. Which turned into midnight doorbusters. Which have now turned into 8 p.m. doorbusters on Thanksgiving night. It’s like – Black Thurs-riday. Yes, we know there is no way to make them any earlier. We’ve hit a doorbuster wall …

Black Friday has now drifted merrily and fully into the day prior and no sooner have we digested our giant meal that it’s time to load up the car and load up the credit cards. All that aside – I have fully and completely embraced Black Friday. I have embraced the strategic planning and systematic logistics behind those of you who discover the best deal at the best price with your best friend, while making a best memory out of the best day of the year. Yes, its consumerism, but I do work for a shopping center, so – you know – I’m into all that…

So – my insider’s guide to surviving Black Friday (as it pertains specifically to everything going on at The Shops at Northfield Stapleton, of course) …

  • Monday – Wednesday: Scope out the deals. Prep your body for standing in line. And stop by the Northfield management office to purchase some gift cards. If you spend $50, you get a $10 gift card free. If you spend $100, you get a $25 gift card free. Buy these *prior* to Black Friday so you can Use them on Black Friday. Buy yourself lunch with the free card. This is Free money, people. Free Money. *restrictionsapplylimittwoperpersonandsoonandsoforth
  • Thursday – Noonish: You have one job. Eat.
  • Thursday Afternoon: Consult for the latest on opening times for our shops and restaurants. Create a spreadsheet or a flow chart or a binder or whatever fabulously adorable organizational tool you choose to plan your shopping adventure.
  • Thurs-riday (I’m coining this term, by the way): Shop, baby, shop! At 1 p.m., come enjoy a horse and carriage ride along Northfield Stapleton’s Main Street. At 2 p.m., enjoy the delightful melodies produced by the strolling carolers – The Mistletones – featuring your very own Stapleton resident, Mrs. Sarah Lippa. At 3:15 p.m., gather in Main Street Plaza with your kiddos and join the Jewish Life Center of Stapleton for a Chanukah family event including arts and crafts, a face painter, refreshments and more. Not Jewish? Come anyway! It’s a great little break in the middle of your day.
  • Friday Night: Sit back, relax, Go To Sleep and don’t forget that there are four short weeks of holiday shopping this year before Christmas, so you can plan on starting all over again tomorrow.

Good luck … and I hope to see you at The Shops at Northfield Stapleton this holiday season!

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