The Biz Buzz: Yvonne E. Olivere

Biz Buzz Yvonne E Olivere

Meet the businesses of the Greater Stapleton Business Association: This is the seventh in a series of articles about association members.

The Law Office of Yvonne E. Olivere, LLC

Yvonne, Owner

Brookfield Properties: Why did you choose to locate in Stapleton?

Yvonne: My husband and I moved to Stapleton in January of 2007 (we lived in Crestmoor for two years prior to relocating). I am a Colorado and Denver transplant, an attorney, and at that time, I was trying to find a balance between motherhood, my profession, and establishing roots in the Denver area.

My husband and I chose Stapleton for the community and lifestyle – and while our home was being built, I met several other small business owners in Stapleton. I also noticed a great need for estate planning services – young, growing families, retirees, single individuals, same-sex or unmarried couples. I decided I wanted to hang my own shingle here to provide much-needed services to these and all members of our growing community. I also loved the idea of being an alternative to downtown legal practices – both in terms of location and affordability of services.

Brookfield Properties: What do you like about this community, compared to other office areas such as downtown and DTC?

Yvonne: There are so many small business owners in Stapleton, and we all support each other. I also love working and living in the community that I primarily serve because it’s more personal. I’ll work with wonderful clients and then see them at the pool with our families. I build professional and personal relationships, and as a Denver transplant set on making my home here, that means a lot.

Brookfield Properties: Brag about your business – what are you most excited about?

Yvonne: I specialize in Trust & Estate Law. Coming from a background of family law and litigation, I have always loved to help and work with people. Trust & Estate law allows me to do that, while also allowing me to have time with my family (I have three children) and in my community.

I create comprehensive estate plans for individuals and families. I take time to get to know each client, their goals and their families during the process so that they have a personalized, non-cookie-cutter, plan. I plan for the future: the unforeseeable and the unexpected. I get my clients thinking of things they have not or would not think of without me. That’s my job – to plan for the unexpected. I believe that the more detailed one’s estate plan is, the easier things are on one’s family in the unlikely event something does happen to them. Because I also practice estate administration (probate), I have a unique perspective during the planning process. I look at proper estate planning as the greatest gift you can give your loved ones.

I have my own practice, so I am very flexible and can meet with clients during the day or evening at my Stapleton office inside SmartSpace, at my client’s home, or at a client’s place of business. I also offer all potential clients a free consultation. Lastly, I am more affordable than many other attorneys or firms with similar experience and expertise.

Brookfield Properties: Why should other companies move to Stapleton?

Yvonne: Stapleton is a unique neighborhood. There is a real sense of community, and I have found that residents of our community support, patronize and become loyal to Stapleton’s many businesses.  Our neighborhood is also growing, which means there will only be more consumers, customers and other businesses in the future.  We, as business owners, have a great opportunity to build something amazing here.  I am so happy that I have a business here, and I look forward to growing it in Stapleton!

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