The Biz Buzz: Stapleton Mortgage, LLC

Biz Buzz Stapleton Mortgage LLC
This is the third article in a series about members of the Greater Stapleton Business Association.

Stapleton Mortgage, LLC

Justin M. Ross, owner

Brookfield Properties: Why did you choose to locate Stapleton Mortgage in Stapleton?

Justin: We first moved to Stapleton in June of 2002 and we were not small business owners at the time. My wife, Marissa, was in the mortgage business, but on the lending side, and I was in printing for 10 years before I decided to make the switch to mortgage originating. With Marissa’s existing background and my knack for numbers, we thought, why not a Mortgage Company – lots of people will be building lots of homes and hopefully they will need lots of loans.

Brookfield Properties: What do you like about this community, compared to other office areas such as downtown and DTC?

Justin: I think the neighborhood lends itself to plenty of benefits for locating your business here. The location is one I wouldn’t trade for the world. Stapleton is so close to everything. And with the interchange opening this spring, the ability to get to retail makes the community even more attractive. The vast amount of parks and open space also allows you the ability to get out of the office when time permits … without all of the hustle and bustle of a downtown or Tech Center location.

Brookfield Properties: What are your plans for expansion, growth or other changes?

Justin: At the moment, we are almost ready to make the plunge into a complete office remodel. Cabinetry, paints, flooring etc. We actually have two offices on our main floor, but apparently my little ones felt the need to acquire the second office space for their desks, wipe boards, computers etc. It is now called the “kids office”… since I work from home.

Brookfield Properties: Brag about your business – what offerings are you most excited about?

Justin: When we started this business, the mortgage world was in a whirlwind. I mean, everyone was buying houses. Without a strong Realtor relationship, we heavily relied on friends and family for referrals. It was difficult. Stapleton was still very new, and it was challenging to meet buyers since most already had financing.

As the market slowed and the neighborhood grew, refinancing seemed to be our niche. Now, after almost 10 years in the neighborhood and strong ties in the community, we’ve worked with several Realtors on new home and resale purchases. I did more purchases in 2011 than any of the previous eight years in and outside Stapleton.

There are definitely ins and outs to this business and bumps along the way. But with the help and support of our clients, we’ve been very successful. And we owe a thank you to the StapletonMoms Yahoo group as well; with their support, I can honestly say that we feel like a true Stapleton business. That’s a tough crowd to please, but I think we’ve won their trust.

Brookfield Properties: Why should other companies move to Stapleton?

Justin: I think Stapleton residents all have a strong sense of community. I feel residents are supportive of the local establishments and if you are providing a valued good or service, I believe people will come. I think Stapleton Mortgage is a testament to that. Lots of banks and mortgage companies faltered during this most recent economic catastrophe, but we are still afloat and thriving.

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