The Biz Buzz: Look Your Best & Feel Great

August 15, 2013 Office/Flex No Comments

Biz Buzz Look your best and feel greatMeet the businesses of the Greater Stapleton Business Association: This is the next article in a blog series about association members.

“I love encouraging people of all ages to meet their fitness goals, find optimal health and reach their professional goals,” said Christine Van Diest, owner and health and wellness coach of Body and Home Health. Christine has over 20 years of coaching and is a certified crossfit coach and Birkman consultant. “I believe growth in business is about serving its clients above and beyond their expectations, creating raving fans,” said Christine.

“At Body and Home Health I help people lose weight, feel great and look their best” said Christine. “I believe that if I can help people take steps to better meal planning, supplementation and fitness they will change the tide of what is happening in our country. Men and women will begin to feel better and more confident.”

Christine is also a Shaklee distributor.

“When I was 30 (I won’t tell you how many years ago that was) I just had my second baby and lost fifteen pounds from a new fitness regimen and nutrition plan. Now, I get to do this every day here in Stapleton,” said Christine. “ I bring smiles to people’s faces. …….and hot bodies.”

Christine, her husband and four kids and have lived in Stapleton since 2008. Stapleton is the place to be an entrepreneur – most residents have a vision of opportunity and growth, Christine said. “We love it here!”

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