The Biz Buzz: AmCheck

Meet the businesses of the Greater Stapleton Business Association: This is the fifth in a series of articles about association members.


Jim A. gosselin, Managing Partner (top, right)

Brookfield Properties: Why did you choose to locate AmCheck in Stapleton?

Jim: Location, Location, Location.

Both my business partner and I have lived in Stapleton for several years. Our offices were downtown prior to that. We started looking at space throughout Denver, including Downtown, DTC and Cherry Creek … but the convenience of living and working in Stapleton was a no brainer.

Brookfield Properties: What do you like about this community, compared to other office areas such as downtown and DTC?

Jim: Everything is close. You can get out and walk to a quick lunch at a number of local spots. Or, if you want to get some exercise, there are options to run, walk and workout. The one drawback is there sometimes isn’t enough time to decompress on the 11-block ride home from work 😉 …

Brookfield Properties: Brag about your business – what offerings are you most excited about?

Jim: We continue to see record-setting growth and would like to continue adding three to five new employees every year. We are also excited about some new products and service offerings for our clients, like our mobile phone apps, allowing our clients’ employees to view check stubs and benefits from their mobile device.

Brookfield Properties: Why should other companies move to Stapleton?

Jim: Stapleton is a growing and vibrant community and a great place to live and work. All the great things that are constantly happening here are contagious. I’ve always tried to surround myself with great people. It’s sort of the same analogy with business – if you want to have a great business, place it in a thriving community. It’s working for us!

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