From deals of the week to where to eat, has become a resource for the community.

Liz Easterly created the website several years ago and evolved it after moving to Stapleton.

“I was blogging when I lived in the Highlands in 2006,” she said. “I felt isolated and I wanted to interact with other moms.”

Easterly said the site also originated to circulate highlights from the Stapleton Moms Yahoo! group, an email listserv that began in 2006.

“Now, the site content really mirrors the age of my kids and what they’re interested in,” said Easterly, who has two sons – one 6-year-old and one who’s 3.

“There are just so many interesting people in Stapleton,” Easterly said. “It’s important to get to know them, and this is one way to do it … people kind of become your extended family here.” sees 1,600 unique visitors every month.

“I feel like it’s just constantly evolving and changing and kind of responding to my neighbors, which includes a lot of businesses here,” she said.

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