Helpful Tips: Parks for the Senses

In the beginning, there was the Green Book. This is what started the Herculean endeavor to transition an existing airport into a thriving community. A community that would have homes, shopping, dining and more. In this edition of Stapleton Tips, we will be covering parks to excite the senses. Dive into the world of Stapleton Parks with this drone video.

Summer is upon us, let’s get outside and play! Check out these parks that cater to your senses:

Bouquet Park– an essential stop for those who like to stop and smell the flowers

Bouquet Park

Constellation Park– gaze into the night sky from the open area of this park.

Constellation Park Collage

Pizza Park– unleash your inner foodie at this outdoor kitchen.

Pizza Park

Rumble Park– kids love the sound tubes and don’t forget about the scored walking path to create a rhythm as you ride your bike, scooter, skateboard or roller blades over it. This park was designed with sound in mind.

Rumble Park

Conservatory Green– cool off by strolling through the water feature. Need to warm up? Enjoy the cozy fire this park offers.


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