Stapleton Stories

From first dates to play dates, Stapleton residents spent the last two weeks sharing their favorite memories on our Facebook page!

The stories span the community’s last decade of development: Here’s what they wrote in their own words …

Shaneequa B.

“My favorite Stapleton spot is Central Park off Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. The reason it holds so many memories is because that is where my husband I had our VERY first date with our daughters with us! My husband lived in the Stapleton community, and we are a blended family. We were both married once before. Central Park was so nice that it was the PERFECT place to take our then 9- and 7-year-old daughters to play! They loved the fact the equipment was so different than other parks. But they REALLY loved climbing the Giant Rock and jumping off. Joel and I were able to sit on the nice bench and watch them play without worry!”

Miriam M.

“In 2003, I was house hunting with my then-boyfriend, now-husband. We didn’t have a dog; we weren’t married yet; and we didn’t have children (all Stapleton requisites it seems!), but we chose to live here because there were homes in our price range and we were curious to see how the neighborhood would develop. Now, 10 years later, I don’t want to live in any other part of Denver. We love our house; our kids love the parks and pools; and we all love the friends we’ve made in this fantastic community!”

Valerie L.

“I love taking my children to Bass Pro to look at the aquariums and take seasonal pictures. I also fondly remember showing up for the Black Friday sales just in time to get the $10 jeans for my husband. But, my most favorite memory is of taking the little train that runs through Northfield with my little child.”

Lauren K.

“My favorite memory is taking our son there (Bass Pro) for the first time. I loved seeing the joy on his face.”

Lauren S.

“I am hoping that I will soon realize my dreams of Stapleton. I am interviewing for a great job just north of there next week and have been researching the Stapleton area for the last month. I am a single mom of a wonderful, little, two-year-old boy who is the absolute joy of my life and I would love nothing more than to make Stapleton our forever home. I just love the sense of community that Stapleton has. Not to mention all the parks and open space. I read on another post by a resident of Stapleton that there is absolutely no better place to raise a family.

“I am keeping my fingers crossed and saying lots of prayers that we will be in Stapleton soon, enjoying all the amenities it has to offer. In my mind, I feel like I’m already there!”

Eric C.

“My daughter said her first word in Bass Pro Shop. No it wasn’t ‘mommy’ or ‘daddy’ … she said hi to the big moose on the wall, and proceeded to say hi to every animal she saw. It was the funniest and cutest thing ever!”

Sarah J.

“I love the Improv Comedy Club. Always fun to come have some laughs with friends!”

Nicholas P.

“Bass Pro! Love taking my kids there to buy new camping supplies every summer!”

Alyce P.

“My favorite spot is the whole Northfield area … love shopping there with my daughter … we have such sweet conversations as we saunter from shop to shop!”

Diane G.

“In February 2004, my husband convinced me to take a look at Stapleton. On the way, I rattled my wish list off to him … corner house, had to be brick, face a park, be able to walk our kids to school, etc. The list was long. We stopped in the first builder’s office and were told that everything was sold out except one house with corner lot and brick upgrades, facing Greenway Park, near Westerly Elementary … and it had an added bonus for my skater husband: the house was near the skate park! SOLD. Half an hour later, we were writing a check and have never looked back.”

Teia V.

“My first outing in Stapleton was when we were just visiting Colorado and stopped by there killing time before we had to go back to the airport. Shortly after, we thought about moving to Colorado and made it a point to stop by Stapleton on our way out or in every time we usually stopped at Buffalo Wild wings, and had a Fat Tire, because you can’t get that beer in Alabama, where we were moving from. After a few visits we made the move. We are here now and we love it!”

Carrie M.

“The memory that comes to mind is the day that I took my three kids down to Sand Creek (usually this was my husband’s ‘job’), and we spent hours catching crayfish and minnows. We had crayfish races on our porch, kept the minnows as pets for a few days, and then returned them to the creek where they belonged. The creek that flows across from our house has brought so many other memories – from bald eagles in the trees, to coyote families howling, horseback riders on the trails, the mountain bike obstacle course, and the now-long-gone tree swing. All great memories, but the crayfish somehow stand out.”

Holly L.

“When my husband and I lived in Los Angeles in 2004, we knew it was time for us to move on. We had been married for two years, and we wanted to be closer to family. When I visited my mother in Evergreen, she had a Stapleton magazine sitting on her kitchen table. I scanned it and was instantly hooked. Even though it was just the beginning, I loved everything about Stapleton. We rented one of the Botanica apartments while we waited for our Wonderland house to be built. It was such a fun time. We biked to Eastbridge on Sundays and took pictures of our house in progress, riding back with mud stripes up our backs.

“It was our first single-family home, and we were so excited! We are now in our second Wonderland home, which we moved to in 2007. The best part of living here is being steps away from Central Park. I walk or run two miles of it every day, and now I’m often joined by Barley, my one-year-old poodle. Sometimes, I see another house I like, but then I think: “But I wouldn’t have my park,” and the desire to move ends there. I also love that I can see the Tower from my kitchen window.

“I flew into the Stapleton airport in the ‘80s, and I think it’s pretty cool that we live on the old Concourse C. This history is a vital component of my admiration for all that Stapleton has become. In the last eight years, we’ve had fun watching Stapleton change, but our home is where the memories are. I started my organizing and staging business here, thanks to an article in the Front Porch and some great Stapleton clients. And, we welcomed an eight-week-old puppy who really helped us appreciate Stapleton in a whole new way (outdoor dining, anyone?). We’ve had our ups and downs in the last few years, but our beautiful house and peaceful neighborhood have always helped us feel protected. This community, the parks, the events, the homes and the spirit of this place are woven into our lives in such a way that it cannot be easily severed. It is a part of us.”

Rebecca G.

“The community as whole is my favorite spot – the events and interactions that happen on a daily basis, and I love the memories my children share at random times. The Winter Welcome and memories of the spiced nuts and s’mores come up throughout the year, while sledding in Central Park on a snowy night is a family favorite, and summer dinners at pools are great times too!”

Jim W.

“I moved to Colorado 15 years ago, and I would drive to Stapleton from Aurora to play hockey at Bladium. At the time, it was an eerie place to drive at night. There was essentially nothing other than Bladium north of Montview, and due to the upcoming construction, the road to Bladium was constantly changing. Being new to Denver, I had no experience with the Stapleton Airport. As time went by, I started hearing that houses were going in there, and I couldn’t imagine what the place would look like and how it would eventually become a neighborhood.

“However, on my many trips to Bladium each month, I slowly saw that the framework for a community was building. When the houses started going in, I knew I wanted to live here. I was in awe of the beauty of the varied houses! This was not a cookie-cutter community like my neighborhood in Aurora, and the houses had different colors and shapes and sizes, unlike places like Highlands Ranch. I finally was able to move to Stapleton when the Eastbridge area came in, and I had the opportunity to visit each and every day as my house and others became a part of the community. And over the course of the seven years that I’ve lived here, the entire community has only grown better.”

Deedee C.

“We have so many special memories of Stapleton, so it makes it very hard to pick just a few to share. Our first taste of the neighborhood was moving in during the blizzard of December 2006. Our moving truck was buried in the alley for days and we had to literally crawl though waist-deep snow to my brother-in-law’s home two blocks away for food and company! Over the years, we have made life-long friends, not just neighbors, and welcomed our first daughter this year.

“I can honestly say I never expected so many wonderful things to come from living here, but we’re so incredibly fortunate for all the great things we’ve experienced. We love Stapleton!”

Michael D.

“My favorite memory was helping my sister-in-law move into her new place. It was a lot of work moving boxes and furniture, and on the drive to her new place, she talked my ear off … going on and on about how great the area was, the pool, the park, how her daughter was getting her own room, the shopping that was close by, and the trails to bike and walk on. I thought she was just really excited, but while taking a break outside, I saw her face light up as she saw that the truck was almost unloaded. At that point in time, I knew how happy she and her daughter were going to be living in Stapleton. I am glad to say they have enjoyed it so far.”

Ali S.

“My uncle was one of the first to move to Stapleton. My husband and I are now Stapleton residents, too, after our first date at the Starbucks on 29th Ave. He was going to school at AI of Denver, and I was going to school in Idaho, where we are both from. Meeting through mutual Idaho friends, when I made a trip down to visit my uncle, my future husband picked me up from my uncle’s cute house on Trenton, and we talked for hours over mochas and macchiatos at Starbucks. A long distance relationship ensued until I graduated college, and we moved into our first place together on Syracuse in 2008. We are now on our second home in Stapleton and love making memories together at our garden plot at the Urban Farm, the movies on the Green and the annual Christmas tree lighting!”