Stapleton: Past, Present & Future – By Tiffany Burke; Perry & Co.

February 7, 2012 Stapleton Stories No Comments

I feel blessed to be living in Stapleton – blessed that our initial leap of faith and vision has turned out so positively, and blessed that Stapleton has been a great fit for my family from the very beginning.

My enthusiasm and appreciation for Stapleton began in 2003, when clients began to approach me about needing a bigger home for their families. Wouldn’t it be great to buy new? Think about the ability to choose your own finishes … new windows, actual closets and a new garage. More space, more efficient homes for a modern family that doesn’t require a move to the suburbs.

Stapleton fit those needs then and still does. Within months, my family needed a bigger home for baby number two. We had the same needs as my clients and it was closer to DIA for my traveling spouse.

As some of the first “settlers,” we celebrated each new amenity – exploring new parks and trails with our toddlers and exchanging decorating or parenting tips at the first Stapleton pool. Friendships developed into lifetime relationships for both our children and ourselves.

Now we all have big kids, and we are still happy. Choices of great schools keep most of us in love with our neighborhood. That also goes for the amenities – they are great for my family and business. New residents have many opportunities to be active participants in our community almost instantly.

Looking at the big picture, I am enthusiastic for our future and excited to participate in Stapleton’s continual evolution. The community’s recent development includes a new library and highway interchange. Builders keep improving their homes with technology upgrades, and those of us in older homes, appreciate more established locations. And most importantly, our community rallies together to solve issues – celebrating our amenities and striving for an even greater learning environment for our families.

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