Stapleton: Past, Present & Future – An Interview with Home Depot

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Home Depot was ready for Stapleton’s very first residents.

The retailer was the first store to open in Quebec Square in 2002, the same year the community’s homeowners began to move in.

“We like to think of ourselves as the staple of Stapleton because we’ve been here,” said Assistant Manager Jeremy “Bix” Bixler. “We were the first store … now, there are residents and contractors we’ve been seeing in here for years.”

Home Depot has more than 2,200 locations across North America and China, and Bix said the Stapleton spot has benefited from the community’s last decade of development.

“We’ve seen positive growth year-over-year, and we’ll continue to grow” he said.

The store employs 120 to 200 employees, depending on the season.

“Many of the buildings that were built on the site of the former Stapleton airport are a contributing factor to the success of our store,” he said. “When they started building all these nice houses, obviously, a lot of time and product went into those homes.”

Now that Stapleton is celebrating 10 years since the first homeowners moved in, Bix said he is beginning to see more and more customers upgrading or remodeling.

“We are starting to see people who have been in their homes for eight, nine or 10 years and are ready for an update on the inside,” he said. “They may be thinking about new counters, finishes or flooring.”

The Stapleton Home Depot is even planning its own remodel.

“We opened up the store so you can see the back of the building from the front of the building, which makes it easier for our customers,” he said. “And we’re planning a front-end refresh, so you’ll be able to get through returns and the Pro Desk faster.”

The location is also building the community in other ways.

“We give out about 100 gift-card donations every year,” Bix said. “We have a huge passion for giving back to the community – we do a couple projects every year. Two years ago we did the playground at Holly Park Apartments in Commerce City, and a lot of our donations in the Stapleton area go mostly to schools.”

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