Stapleton Parks a Love Story

A park is a beautiful thing.

It’s a fresh perspective.  A good conversation.  A place to lose a few pounds or the weight of the world.  A park can change your mood.  Lift your spirits.  And turn an ordinary day into one to remember.  Kids expand their imaginations and learn to play together.  People break free of their over-scheduled lives.  That’s the power of a park.

Here, parks are in our DNA.  From day one, Stapleton was envisioned as a place where people will spend more time outside.  Walking or riding instead of driving.  Getting to know each other.  Taking advantage of Colorado’s climate.  And taking better care of themselves.  In so many ways, parks are what make Stapleton … Stapleton.

Introducing the NEW Stapleton Parks Brochure.  Explore one of the 50+ parks located in this award-winning community and you’ll soon discover why residents love Stapleton!