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September 12, 2011 Office/Flex No Comments

Dr. Karen Franz began her orthodontics practice in the Central Park Professional Condominiums in 2008.
“We’re going to be celebrating our three-year anniversary in October,” said Franz, a Fort Collins native. “A lot of my patients are children so it has been a great area.”

Westerly Creek Elementary School, William R. Roberts Elementary School and the Denver School of Science and Technology are located a few blocks from the office building in Stapleton’s Central Park South neighborhood.

“I love working close to where I live,” said Franz, who moved to Park Hill after graduating from the UCLA School of Dentistry in Los Angeles. “I love the idea of urban redevelopment and what Stapleton has become.”

Her office décor was also inspired by one of her favorite pastimes: scooters. “I’ve had Vespas for about 10 years,” Franz said. The office has a scooter in the lobby as well as artwork that reflects the hobby.

Her orthodontics office has about 500 regular patients and also treats area children with cleft palate, helping to prepare them for surgery at Children’s Hospital Colorado.

Franz said that still leaves time for more one-on-one interactions with patients.

“We try to keep the office smaller,” she said. “I spend a lot of time personally talking with every patient about their teeth.”

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