Stapleton Has a Healthy Medical Community

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Stapleton is thriving … and its 25+ medical office locations have a lot to do with that. From dentists to doctors, chiropractors, general practitioners and physical therapists.

And the neighborhood’s population is part of the attraction. The community has grown from 500 families to more than 15,000 residents over the past decade.

“We have had the pleasure of watching Stapleton ‘grow’ one patient at a time,” said D’ette Longman, marketing manager at the Exempla Physician Network (EPN). “EPN intentionally chose to be a part of this unique community because we felt that our family practice and OB-GYN physicians and services would be a great fit for such a family-oriented community.”

“Stapleton has also allowed me to build my practice literally one family at a time,” said Dr. Prett Clair, owner of Quebec Square Family Dentistry.

Dr. Clair opened in Quebec Square in 2004 and moved to Stapleton in 2006.

“The fact that I live and work in Stapleton has allowed me to be very accessible to my patients, focusing on their needs in a timely manner, said Dr. Clair.  Quebec Square Family Dentistry is a modern office with all the technology, yet we have a small town feel. Having a large medical presence encourages patients to seek out local practitioners, helping Stapleton’s small businesses thrive.”

Stapleton Pediatrics also moved to the community in 2007, attracted by Stapleton’s growth.

“At Stapleton Pediatrics, we felt from the very beginning that our practice could grow along with the families who called Stapleton home,” said co-owner and pediatrician Dr. Noah Makovsky.

“Stapleton residents are very informed, knowledgeable and ultimately expect high quality businesses to reside within their community. Stapleton Pediatrics has taken this expectation very seriously by ensuring that we have the very best, quality pediatricians and support staff to provide the exceptional pediatric healthcare that we all expect for our own children,” said Dr. Makovsky.

“We’ve became a trusted pediatric health-care provider, and over time, Stapleton Pediatrics has become one of many businesses that thrive in Stapleton.”

Here are just a few of the other providers in the community:

See the full list of medical practices at Stapleton!


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