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During the holidays one can sit back and give thanks for all of the wonderful things in their life. Some may even pay their good fortune forward. The holidays are all about giving, and there are some outstanding people giving back in the Stapleton Community.

In the September Faces of Stapleton, we shared how some of our local relators have been giving back. Each year for Thanksgiving Jody Donley and New Perspective Real Estate team host the Stapleton Community Food drive.  This event provided over 31,000 meals to families in need this year alone.

Another tradition, started back in 2010 by Jay Epperson is called REALGiving. Jay collects donations to providefamilies in need King Sooper gift cards to help with holiday meals.  This year Jay and the community raised over $11,000, which helped 150 families.

Rachael and Julie are two mom’s in the Stapleton community that are raising awareness for Prader-Willi Syndrome. Both moms have children with this rare genetic disease and decided to host a run/walk on Thanksgiving morning. Read more about their story.

Our builders are also doing their part to give back.  This holiday season CalAtlantic will be participating in  Toys for Tots, helping to ensure children in need have a toy for the holidays. This year CalAtlantic collection 3,050 toys!

Also, Thrive Home Builders adopted two families this year. Where all of their employees will collect items for each family member based on their needs and want lists. The company will join together in a wrapping party with the hopes of helping to make this holiday a special one for the families.

Are you inspired to give back this holiday season? You can help make a child’s holiday wish come true by visiting the Precious Child’s giving tree at the Community Hub in The Shops at Northfield simply choose a name and donate a gift.

Of course, whatever organization you choose to supply this holiday seas, may you inspire others to embrace the spirit of giving.


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