Stapleton Development Update

November 4, 2013 Development Updates No Comments

A conversation with Heidi Majerik, Director of Development at Forest City Stapleton (now Brookfield Properties).

Brookfield Properties: Stapleton’s eighth neighborhood, Conservatory Green, is growing fast. Will it expand to the east or will that area be a separate neighborhood?

Heidi: In Conservatory Green neighborhood alone, we have sold almost 200 home lots to Stapleton builders and will sell another 300 to them by spring 2014. We have plans to add another 300 homes to the east of current development, which we’ll sell to homebuilders between December and summer 2014.

These next 300 homes will also be part of Stapleton’s Conservatory Green neighborhood!

Brookfield Properties: How are the area’s parks progressing?

Heidi: Currently in Conservatory Green, we’re working on concrete projects for the neighborhood’s green and plaza as well as irrigation for the neighborhood’s park systems. We’ve also begun to install plants and irrigation.

We started working on the parks in April, and we did experience some delays because of snow. However, many areas will be complete next year. (Take a look at the full timeline.)

Brookfield Properties: Could you tell us about the neighborhood’s infrastructure?

Heidi: Many of the roads are paved, and the city of Denver will begin managing them after about two years. Once the roads are paved, street lights are added about three months later.

As we move beyond Conservatory Green neighborhood, we’re going to be working on one of the largest earth-moving projects in Stapleton’s history!

Brookfield Properties:Tell us about Stapleton’s next pool!

Heidi: We are working on a pool that will be between Xanthia and Yosemite streets near Stapleton’s newest apartment community, The Aster Conservatory Green.

The pool will open as an eight-lane competition pool in spring 2014. The community needed a pool for the Stapleton Stingrays to practice and compete in a location that could better tolerate the noise created by swim meets.

This pool will also have a gabion wall, which features wire baskets full of rock that are often seen in high-end home design. It’s just a unique design to do in a structure like this.

Brookfield Properties: Are there other development updates you would like to mention?

Heidi: Staybridge Suites is very unique for Stapleton. It’s in Conservatory Green, and it’s the first hotel to be within the community’s neighborhoods. The project is slated to open in 2014, and there are several other commercial projects underway.

We’re also releasing new home lots to builders in Bluff Lake neighborhood this fall!



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