Stapleton Cleaners

Stapleton Cleaners located in the 29th Ave Town Center

Stapleton Cleaners is the first on-site cleaning facility that works with eco friendly machines and laundry detergent that was approved by the City of Stapleton and the City of Denver. The hours are long — 7am-7pm daily and closed on Sundays; but with the owner, Cindy Shin, being so caring she will usually meet her customer’s request. Since she was a seamstress when she first came to America she does all of the alterations, and there is usually nothing that she cannot do. Her English is not perfect and sometimes it is hard for people to understand, but she gets to know her customers on a first and last name basis. She loves her job and her customers. To others this may not be the American Dream but, to her she is living the perfect dream.

Join us Saturday, June 29th as we celebrate the launch of North End neighborhood with the biggest party of the summer.