Stapleton Bon Appetit: Four Friends Kitchen

Stapleton Bon Appetit is a series highlighting restaurants in Stapleton. Enjoy this compilation of interview articles, delicious food photos and more! All from the owners, general managers, and chef themselves- Cheers!

By Tammy Tran; Stapleton Visitor Center Coordinator

One of my favorite hobbies is cooking. I love creating and learning new recipes. In order to broaden my cooking knowledge and skills, what better way than to learn from the people who know cooking best… restaurant chefs and the owners! Thus, the inspiration for a new blog series, Stapleton Bon Appetit, is created.

I recently had the opportunity to interview one of the owners at Four Friends Kitchen. Gen is an awesome lady and was kind enough to take time out of her busy day for a quick interview with me. Simply an informal conversation where I asked Gen some fun questions about her restaurant.

So… How would you describe the food at Four Friends Kitchen?

It’s approachable and fun. We have the basic two eggs and bacon for the traditional eater, but we also have options for those who want to explore and try something different. Like our overnight grits. Grits have a bad reputation of being boring and flavorless but here at Four Friends Kitchen the grits are cooked overnight and wow, that overnight cooking just makes the grits the most flavorful and creamiest grits you’ve ever had. You can choose from savory four cheese grits (Four Friends Grits) or the creamy grits made with coconut milk (Grits & Granola).

Four Friends Kitchen also offers menu items that are traditional but with a twist. Like the Crispy Huevos Rancheros. Typically, this dish is made with a soft tortilla but at Four Friends Kitchen, a crispy tortilla is used in the dish instead. The texture of the crispy tortilla with the beans, eggs, cheeses and more just marries so well together and is so delicious!

Gen, what’s your favorite dish at your restaurant and why?

Depending on the day… it’s either the Sweet Style Grits (creamy grits topped with bananas, bourbon pecan pralines sauce and strawberries) or just a plate of scratch made pancakes with a side of applewood smoked bacon. Both dishes make a perfect balance between sweet and savory.  Also, for lunch, I am addicted to the Kale Salad!

What’s the inspiration for your menu?

My Grandma! She lived in Georgia and grandma always had a pot of grits on the oven no matter what. Grits are one of my foods for comfort. Everything just goes well with grits. It’s a staple… Two poached eggs over grits are the best!

Random question…What is your favorite spice? And what makes it your favorite?

Caraway. Head Chef Larry Shore uses caraway in a lot of the sauces for the dishes here… It gives it that kick in dishes.

Do you offer desserts here? What’s your favorite?

Yes! There’s not a menu for the desserts but it’s offered at the end of each meal. Our key lime pie is the best! Made from scratch (and you know because it’s not green) it’s one of the best desserts you will ever have. Four Friends Kitchen dessert options include mocha fudge cake and classic beignets (warm, fresh Louisiana-style donuts with wield berry preserves and crème anglaise).

Other than Four Friends Kitchen where is your favorite restaurant to dine at in Denver?

I like going to laid-back atmosphere where I can relax with my husband and our kids… The Bistro, Station 26 Brewing Co. (fun to see what food trucks will be there) and Lowry Beer Garden are just a few of my favorite places to dine at in Denver.

Four Friends Kitchen has been featured in the Denver Post, and Denver Westword. It has also been voted as one of the great neighborhood brunch gems in Denver by Zagat and their Bluegrass Benedict was featured by Eater Denver as one of the best benedict dishes in town. Only being open for a few months, Gen’s most memorable moment is when shift ended on the first day of business. That’s when Four Friends Kitchen became official to her- It was now the real deal, no turning back. Gen is thankful that business has been great and most excited about their new rooftop patio now open.

With a few new seasonal summer dishes recently added to the menu, why are you not having breakfast, brunch and lunch at Four Friends Kitchen right now?

Located at 2893 Roslyn Street, Four Friends Kitchen is open every day from 6:30am to 2:30pm.

Until next time, cheers!

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