Stapleton’s Home Sales Still Climbing

Stapleton will celebrate a decade of residential development next year, and while the community is not immune to economic factors, current home sales aren’t showing signs of slowing.

“All of the current inventory on Stapleton’s South side has sold except for some lots in Stapleton’s new Central Park neighborhoods as well as Filing 16, a neighborhood that will be developed east of Iola Street,” said Lisa Hall, Builder Program Director at Brookfield Properties, Stapleton’s developer. “Once sales are complete in these areas, we will focus on residential on the North side of I-70,” Hall said.

Interstate 70 divides the Stapleton redevelopment in half. The community already has more than 12,000 residents, and work will continue on the South and North sides over the next 10 to 15 years.

Hall said Stapleton’s seven homebuilders sold 43 homes in July, the most in that month since 2005. These numbers are similar to the housing market in 2008, which generated more than 330 sales at Stapleton.

Stapleton’s 2010 home sales also increased nearly 10% over 2009. With five months to go, this year’s sales are on track to reach another milestone and are already at 86% of last year’s total. Overall, Stapleton’s new-home and resale closings have generated $1.9 billion since 2002.

“Stapleton has seen recognizable success as we continue to shape the community’s newest neighborhoods to the west and north of the 80-acre Central Park,” Hall said.

Hall credits sales in Stapleton’s newest neighborhood, Central Park West, to factors such as fresh architecture and interior design as well as smart technology. Central Park West will also feature six linear parks known as “the mews.”

“Many of Stapleton’s new home collections offer homebuyers a smarter way to monitor and control their energy costs using everything from iPads to solar packages,” Hall said. “… And they do it all without compromising style and design.”

Stapleton homebuilders have opened nine of 11 new collections as part of the community’s Global Coolness Home Tour, which celebrated this summer’s new models.

Wonderland Homes will open its townhome product, The Edge, as the tour continues later this year, while Thrive Home Builders will unveil its multi-family product, Central Park Rows at Central Park West.


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