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November 4, 2014 Stapleton Stories No Comments

So Many New Stores…So Many Reasons to Shop!

By Molly Morrow, Director of Marketing, The Shops at Northfield Stapleton

I have a confession to make.

I’ve been hoarding.

No, not old newspapers from the year I was born (I’ll never tell!), or moldy loaves of bread (you never know when *those* might come in handy!). No, I’ve been hoarding GOOD NEWS. I’ve been hoarding ANNOUNCEMENTS. I’ve been hoarding NEW STORE OPENINGS!

Ok – here’s the scoop, in alphabetical order, because I’m Type A that way  —

Abode & Company
Home décor, galore! From contemporary and modern to boho-chic and vintage! Abode has furniture, artwork, tchotchkes, gourmet foods, luxurious bath products…seriously, everything. I just spent a full hour in there just wandering and looking and WANTING. I am so.excited.for this store!

Brothers Bar & Grill
Yep – as in the one downtown! Full-scratch kitchen, hand cut potato chips, frosty beverages a-flowin, and a killer kids menu – the perfect recipe for a new restaurant opening in the Stapleton community. Brothers Bar & Grill is set to open in early 2015.

Colorado Rustic Furnishings
Are you looking for that silly little bear that sits on your doorstep and says “Wipe Yer Paws”? How about an amazing piece of original artwork featuring Colorado’s mountains, meadows or wildlife? Either way, Colorado Rustic Furnishings is jam-packed with rustic mountain décor and gorgeous artwork painted by owner Jackie Campbell. Check out the huge mural she just painted on the wall next to her store. She is one talented lady!

El Forastero Western Wear
Fancy boots and hats and shirts and accessories. The real deal y’all. Psst – Stock Show is less than 3 months away. Time to “stock” up! Get it?

Hand and Stone Massage & Facial Spa
With services available such as massages, hot stone treatments, facials, peels and more – you may actually find me just officing remotely from a massage table in the spa. I wonder if I can have my extension forwarded directly…?  Set to open early November!

Stapleton Family Karate
Family-owned and family-oriented, this four-year-old karate school has found its new home on Northfield’s Main Street. There are few cuter things in this world than seeing the “Little Dragons” (4-6 year olds) racing through Northfield to class in their tiny karate gi. Also offered, among other classes, is adult Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which I will *not* refer to as “adorable” lest I find myself in an immediate headlock for saying so…

Zen Asian Sushi Bar & Grill
The Zen menu reads like a novel of delicious Asian meals just waiting to get in my belly! Flatbreads, soups, salads, noodle dishes, beef, chicken, seafood, sushi, sushi and more sushi… You could just about eat here every day for a year and never repeat the same meal twice.  Oh and I have four words for you: Banana Caramel Spring Roll. You’re welcome.

I can’t wait to hear all about your experiences at our new shops and restaurants. I hope you fall in love with them as much as I clearly have!

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