StapleFUN: Stapleton’s parks smell awesome

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Stapleton’s parks smell awesome.

By Argus, an Australian Labradoodle

Dogs love parks. I should know – I’m a dog. And Stapleton has more parks and active green space than anywhere else in Denver. Although, as a dog, I don’t really go by quantity. I go by smell.

For instance, my human and I go for walks through Central Park and over to The Green for farmers markets and concerts. It has a wonderful oaky aroma, because of the oak trees. We go for runs along the Sand Creek Regional Trail and Westerly Creek. Which imbues bold earthy characters thanks to the restored native landscape.

Greenway Park offers a surprisingly subtle yet mature nose … with essence of squirrel. There’s even a park just for dogs, a smell-iers dream. And all the neighborhood pocket parks present a variety of complex bouquets that keep my nose on its toes.

At the end of the summer the humans open up the neighborhood swimming pools to dogs, providing a rich finish. As well as a natural palate cleanser. Now, I hear the Bluff Lake Nature Center and Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge are nice but they don’t allow dogs. Just a reminder that there is still mystery left in the world.

Alas, what’s a dog to do? With so many parks and so little time to smell them all.

See you at the park.

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