StapleFUN: Pools!

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By Diane Deeter, Community Director of the Stapleton MCA

Break out the sunscreen and grab the inflatables – it’s finally pool weather!

If there’s one thing we know our Stapleton residents and neighbors love, it’s the variety of swimming options available in the community. With four existing pools everyone has enjoyed, we’re now excited to open two new pools in the near future.

The Stapleton MCA operates and maintains the outdoor recreational pool facilities that are designed to meet all of the community’s needs. Generally, the pools open Memorial Day weekend and close for the season on Labor Day. Because each facility offers its own amenities, each pool incorporates a unique schedule and menu of programs suitable for the design. Each pool is open to the public and fully staffed with certified lifeguards. Pool programming schedules can be found online on the MCA website

Aviator Pool – 8054 E. 28th Avenue

Aviator Pool offers both adult and youth programming throughout the week. This pool has designated lap lanes and a diving board.

Puddle Jumper Pool – 2401 Xenia Street

PJ Pool was designed specifically for our young swimmers. This pool offers a variety of fountains and kid-friendly structures – it’s the perfect pool for toddlers and preschoolers.

F15 Pool – 2831 Hanover Street

F15 Pool also offers a combination of open swim and aquatics programming. There are some play and water features available for swimmers. In addition, there are always two 25m lap lanes available for exercise and training.

Jet Stream Pool – 3574 Alton Street

Jet Stream is located north of Central Park. This pool also offers a variety of programming. Amenities include designated lap lanes and a diving board.

And our newest pools…

Runway 35 Pool – 8863 E 47th Ave.

R35 Pool is located north of I-70 in Conservatory Green. This modern style pool offers a diving board and 8 lap lanes. This pool will be used primarily for the Stapleton Swim Teams and adult programming.

Maverick Pool – 8822 Beekman St.

Maverick is a family-friendly leisure pool that features 4 lap lanes and a variety of splash and water features.

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