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Statement from Mayor Hancock’s office

Dear Stapleton Neighbors,

Thank you for taking the time to write and share your concerns about the city’s future plans in Stapleton.

Unfortunately, there has been some incorrect information regarding the sports complex that was proposed to be located in Section 10 of the Stapleton development.

Please let me reassure you that the city will build a sports complex in this part of the Stapleton neighborhood.  Early plans for the complex called for it to be located north of 56th Ave., within a series of parks/open space that are being developed.  After looking closely at those plans and discussing them with the community, including the Stapleton Citizens Advisory Board (Parks Advisory Group) and the Stapleton Development Corporation, it was decided that the build-out of the sports complex would have less of any adverse impact on the residential neighborhood in Section 10 if it were located to the south of 56th Ave.

With that suggestion in mind, the planners began to evaluate a location to the south of 56th.  What they found was an incredible opportunity to use the location of the Stapleton High School, currently under construction, as the anchor for the planned Stapleton Sports Complex.

By planning the sports complex in this location, the adverse impact on the immediate neighborhood in Section 10 from lighted ball fields and parked cars is severely reduced or eliminated.  As the high school is built out, fields for football, baseball and softball are part of the current plans.  Those fields will serve as an anchor to the additional sports fields that the city will work to have built as sources of funding for the complex become available.  This location also includes space for off-street parking and is adjacent to a large commercial warehouse, where noise and lights from evening activities won’t be mere steps from residents’ homes.

What has yet to be determined is what amenities will be delivered at the site.  In addition, back on the north side of 56th Ave., where future parks/open space are currently being planned, Denver Parks and Recreation will also determine if it is appropriate to add more multi-use sports fields within those parks that can be permitted for daytime activities. I can assure you that we will absolutely involve the community as we move forward with the planning process and need to make more specific decisions about the facility.

Again, I want to thank you for taking the time to write and for bringing this to my attention.  We agree that Section 10 is an important part of the Stapleton neighborhood and we share your commitment to the benefits the Stapleton Sports Complex will bring to the community.

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