“Sand Creek Greenway,” By Kari Cummings; TJC Real Estate


When I think of Stapleton, it brings to mind so many wonderful people and places. It is such a vibrant and growing community – a truly amazing place to live and work. It is so hard to pick just one favorite spot.

So I will compromise and share one of my favorites. My kids and I call it “the secret place.” It is really not so secret – just a little off the beaten path. It is a small stretch of Sand Creek Greenway that runs just north of the Central Park North neighborhood.

I love to walk and bike in Stapleton. Much of my biking and walking is along the streets of Stapleton with our variety of architecture, inviting front porches and array of house colors. I also love to bike and walk in and around our amazing parks – from the cozy pocket parks to our ‘grown up parks’ like Fred Thomas, Greenway Park, Westerly Creek and Central Park. To get to Sand Creek Greenway, I walk along the streets of Stapleton and through the parks.

I access the Sand Creek Greenway from Boston Street in the Central Park North Neighborhood. You just keep going north when the street ends, cross the bridge over Sand Creek and head west. Once you hit the trail, you cannot even really see houses – just trees, birds and the creek, which runs right along the path. You are usually joined by a few other neighbors walking, running or biking on the path. On a clear day, you have a beautiful view of the Front Range. On a winter day, it is cold and quiet and footprints mark the trail of others who have passed before you.

Sand Creek Greenway opens Stapleton to the possibilities of connections beyond its boundaries. You can visit The Urban Farm or Bluff Lake Nature Center or just takea quick jaunt along a small piece of the trail to the streets of Stapleton.

Sand Creek Greenway and so many other favorite spots in Stapleton highlight why my family and I make Stapleton our home. All these favorite places make it easy to help other people decide to make Stapleton their home, too.

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