Pilates Evolution coming to Eastbridge Towncenter

Images courtesy of City Street Investors.

Images courtesy of City Street Investors.

Natalie McLaren, an entrepreneur and Stapleton resident, is opening her third Pilates studio in Stapleton’s Eastbridge development (“Cherry Creek gym owner…”).  McLaren expressed her excitement in working close to where she lives, “I’ve always wanted to open a studio in Stapleton because I live there and I can bike to work” (“Cherry Creek gym owner…”).

McLaren hopes to serve upwards of 150 members in her 1,200-sqaure-foot Stapleton location. Pilates Evolution is a Lagree Fitness licensee. McLaren described the differences between traditional Pilates and Lagree Fitness, “Our classes are more fast-paced. You get stretching like yoga, but you also get cardio. It’s a little bit of everything ” (“Cherry Creek gym owner…”).

Learn more about Natalie McLaren and Pilates Evolution at Denver Den +

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