Our Competitive Advantage

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When it comes down to it, successful business is about what sets us apart. At Stapleton, our competitive advantage is centered around:

  • Economic Benefits
  • Location and Access
  • Quality of Life and Sustainability
  • Qualified Labor Pool

Economic Benefits:
Locate your company within a Colorado Enterprise Zone. There are only a few zones across the state, and business at Stapleton will mean lower taxes as well as lower costs for health insurance and employee training. Not to mention our LEED building standards, affordable, commercial land and free parking–all adding to the savings! Doing business at Stapleton has countless economic benefits for your company.

Location and Access:
Stapleton is 20 minutes from the Denver International Airport (DIA), 10 minutes from Downtown Denver and close to other major destinations, offering you a shorter commute and improved access to a diverse workforce. The commuter rail will come to Stapleton in 2016, further connecting the community to downtown and the ariport. Stapleton is the right location to access all the metro area has to offer!

Quality of Life and Sustainability:
Stapleton is not only a place for business. It’s made up of Denver parks, trails, shops, restaurants, a wide range of housing options, and other amenities–all just down the street. This open space and walkability makes for a truly sustainable community. Quality of life meets sustainability at Stapleton.

Qualified Labor Pool
A recently completed study of the Denver metro area concluded that Stapleton draws from a qualified and deep labor pool. Stapleton adds to the Colorado workforce, and it’s just one of the many reasons the community is so competitive with other Denver markets.

Download more about our competitive advantage and commercial real estate benefits.

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