Orangetheory – Coming December 2014

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Orangetheory Fitness will be opening mid-December in the East 29th Avenue Town Center.

Orangetheory Fitness (OTF) offers a unique workout with 60 minute sessions that include cardio and strength training, providing a full body workout every class. Heart-rate based interval training allows every member to work at their own level. This is what is called Group Personal Training. A heart rate monitor worn during class ensures OTF members reach the Orange Zone for at least 12 to 20 minutes of their workout, meaning 84% to 91% of the max heart rate, entering the anaerobic zone, and providing additional caloric burn for up to 36 hours post workout.

“Group Personal Training” means the best of all worlds. Members are provided the support and encouragement of a group environment while Trainers provide customization to adjust to the skill level and needs of each individual. Pre-class warm up and post-class stretches round out the one hour experience.

OTF team members are passionate about building expectations and schedules around each member’s goals, building an inspiring and supportive community and making sure to incorporate a lot of fun!

Sign up now to become a founding member at rates that will only last until the studio opens. These prices are secure for the life of your membership and include participation in multiple days of free classes prior to OTF opening the doors to the public.

All premier members are eligible to participate in the fit challenge starting early January. This 6 week challenge ends with one member winning $2,500! Space is limited so be sure to secure a spot today.

A special VIP night will be held mid December to celebrate this new fitness community and kick off an exciting journey of health and well-being.

Orangetheory Fitness will be located at 7349 East 29th Ave.

For more information visit the Orangetheory website or email

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