Northfield High School – LOA Architecture Campus Update

NW Corner of Commons Building

The construction for the Commons Building, the third building at Northfield High School on the Paul Sandoval Campus is well underway.

The steel superstructure has been completed along with the fluid weatherproofing. The brick masonry on the west side is 75% complete and the masonry on the north side is 40% complete.
The north masonry site wall has also been completed. Inside, the metal stud partitions have defined the proscenium (the part of the theater stage in front of the curtain), the warming
kitchen/serving area and restrooms. Drywall will be starting shortly.

Weekly meetings referred to as OAC (Owner, Architect, Contractor) meetings continue to take place. Each of these entities have representatives who attend to discuss schedules for
upcoming work, review the status of material submittals among other paperwork items relative to the construction project.

The school project is on a 20-acre site that is located in the Stapleton Redevelopment area on the southeast corner of 56th Ave. and Central Park Blvd, east of Willow Park East Neighborhood and north of Wicker Park Neighborhood. The architects for the project are LOA Architecture in association with H+L Architecture. Golden Triangle Construction is the general contractor.

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