New Town Builders to Re-launch as Thrive Home Builders

New Town Builders a New Home builder in Stapleton

Renowned Energy Efficiency Leader Aims to Pioneer the Healthy Home Movement

DENVER…September 30, 2015…For the past 23 years, locally owned homebuilder New Town Builders has made a strong name for itself as an award-winning builder of energy efficient homes. With more than 1,000 homes built in the Stapleton, RidgeGate, Hyland Village Tallyn’s Reach and Castlewood Ranch neighborhoods of Metro Denver, New Town is strongly associated with solidly built, energy efficient homes with signature design features like extra thick walls, solar panels and welcoming front porches.

But now, New Town Builders is evolving and will be known as Thrive Home Builders. With such a strong reputation, why the name change?

According to CEO/founder Gene Myers, “The name Thrive Home Builders underscores our commitment to innovate the next frontier in home building, building well-crafted ‘healthy homes’ that promote our home owners’ wellness. We’ve always been about staying ahead of trends, especially when they have a direct impact on our homeowners’ health and the environment.”

“Healthy homes” are as devoid of potentially harmful chemicals as possible. Research from the EPA has demonstrated the negative impact that many common building materials can have on a home’s air quality. From certain types of insulation and paints to the type of flooring and even how wood is treated, all building materials emit chemicals, and many are dangerously toxic.  Surprisingly, most homeowners are unaware of the impact building materials can have on air quality and health.

Added Myers, “When we began specializing in green homes, most homeowners weren’t necessarily asking for solar panels, but we believed it was our duty to show them just how beneficial an energy-efficient home could be. Today, there is compelling research that the materials used in homebuilding have a significant impact on health. And similar to when we first began building awareness on energy-efficient homes, we are now focused on offering the healthiest homes possible and informing our families just how important they are.”

A name change is not new for Thrive Home Builders CEO Gene Myers whose first home building company was called Greentree Homes. After seven years, Greentree became known as New Town Builders. And now, 15 years later, the time was right to embrace a new change that would be good for homeowners and help the company evolve.

Thrive Home Builders will carry on the award-winning focus on energy efficiency that set New Town apart. The company has won numerous prestigious awards, including Best in Green and Best Green Design from the 2015 International Builders Show, the Green Home of the Year by Green Builder Magazine and three consecutive Department of Energy Innovation in Housing Awards.

Along with the continued commitment to energy efficiency, there will be more focus on creating healthy homes. Currently, most new Thrive Home Builders homes meet the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s stringent Indoor airPLUS standards.

“We want homebuyers to know that their next home can do more. We believe a home should help pay for its own energy, offer peace of mind with its durability and make people healthier by incorporating the latest health features identified by the best minds from NREL and other national laboratories like Oak Ridge, Lawrence-Berkley and Pacific Northwest, where scientists are studying just how we can make our homes healthier,” noted Myers.

For more information on Thrive Home Builders, visit

Media Contact: Joy Meadows, 303-522-9045


Read another great article in Builder Magazine by Sam Rashkin on Thrive Home Builders. 

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