New RTD Route Serving Northfield High School on Paul Sandoval Campus

RTD Route 62 with Added Detour

Above is a map of the new Route 62 Bus Schedule.  This route now serves Northfield High School, Commerce City, and offer s another connection for Stapleton area residents at RTD’s Central Park (Rail) Station.  (The red line shows a temporary deviation expected to operate thru February – while RTD waits for Central Park Boulevard North of 56th to be opened).  The bus service runs every 30 minutes M-F between 6a and 6p and on Saturdays hourly between 7a and 6p. RTD will also add service on certain dates to coincide with events at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park.  The new route is being funded by a special 3-year ‘trial service’ grant awarded via the City of Commerce City. The one-way cash fare is $2.60 ($1.30 for eligible students/seniors/riders with disabilities).  Full details can be found on the Route #62 timetable at

Below is the full list of Northbound and Southbound stops.


Central Park Station (Gate B3)  (A-Line Commuter Rail)

Central Park Blvd & 46th Pl

Central Park Blvd & Northfield Blvd (proposed in future)

Central Park Blvd & 54th Ave  (Northfield HS)

Prairie Pkwy & Dicks Sporting Goods Park (coming soon!)

Trenton St & 60th Ave (City Hall) (coming soon!)

60th Ave & Quebec

60th Ave & Monaco

60th Ave & Kearney

Holly St & 60th Ave

62nd Ave & Holly (Boys/Girls Club)

Parkway Dr – #4800 Block (King Soopers)

60th Ave & Dahlia St – (Eb Gate) (Walmart)


60th Ave & Dahlia – (Eb Gate) (Walmart)

60th Ave & Glencoe

60th Ave & Hudson

60th Ave & Holly

60th Ave & Kearney

60th Ave & Monaco

60th Ave & Quebec

Trenton St & 60th Ave (City Hall)  (coming soon!)

Prairie Pkwy & Dicks Sporting Goods Park (coming soon!)

Central Park Blvd & 54th Ave  (Northfield HS)

Central Park Blvd & Northfield Blvd (sb only at this time)

Central Park Blvd & 46th Pl

Central Park Station (Gate B3)  (A-Line Commuter Rail)

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