New E-8 School — Swigert-McAuliffe International School — at Stapleton

February 25, 2011 Development Updates No Comments

Through an extensive community engagement process this past fall, accelerating the construction of a third school in the Stapleton Community has been recognized as an important step in meeting growing student population needs in Stapleton.  Funding was planned to have come from Tax Increment Funding (TIF), which is one of the key revenue sources for infrastructure development being used to build out the old Stapleton Airport.  Due to tough economic times, shortfalls in tax revenues have required DPS, Forest City (now Brookfield Properties), the Denver Urban Renewal Authority, and the City and County of Denver to seek alternative methods of funding the third school.  Negotiations are proceeding to find the best alternative.

As a funding plan is finalized, DPS solicited for a Design-Builder to deliver a 950 student, E-8 school on a 10-acre site in Stapleton.  An innovative educational design and energy-savings standards, similar to those featured in the new Green Valley Ranch E-12 school, will be used for the Stapleton 3 school, leading to an anticipated opening in the fall of 2011 on the 35th and Syracuse site.

On January 21, 2010, the Board of Education authorized the District to proceed to contract with a Design-Build team led by GE Johnson Construction/Anderson Mason Dale Artchitects, contingent upon finalizing the multi-party funding agreement.  The design-build team has begun design and is working closely with the Stapleton community to assure the school opening date in approximately 11 months.

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