Naturally Loved – A Business Profile

March 2, 2012 Retail No Comments

Read an interview with the Town Center retailer …

Naturally Loved is a built-in baby resource.

The shop moved into the East 29th Avenue Town Center in 2010. “My business is centered on community,” said owner Alyson Warren. “The classes we offer, the advice and guidance we give, and the resources we offer to mothers and fathers are completely built off of the community.”

Warren said she couldn’t find the niche she was looking for elsewhere.

“There are so many cool families here, and my customers are like friends and family … plus, I love my huge store-front windows,” she said.

Naturally Loved has three employees as well as 10 teachers who hold classes at the shop every month. Warren also has plans for expansion.

“We are currently talking with some friends in the Midwest about a franchise in Chicago,” she said. “If that happens, we will open a second store in the Denver area … I’m also working diligently on my web store, and then personally working on a second baby for the growth of our family!”

In addition to its place as a community resource, Naturally Loved carries organic products and “the NoseFrida, our #1 seller, and Stapleton Pediatric highly recommends it for your infant instead of the bulb aspirator.”

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