Multi-Modal Traffic Construction Update

Multi-Modal Traffic Construction Update

Over the past 12-18 months the Stapleton community has undergone noticeable development growth.  With the ongoing construction of new neighborhoods and new commercial retail comes the occasional impacts to multi-modal traffic. This has most especially been the case for the avid walkers, runners and bikers in parts of the community.

In the spirit of keeping active, while watching the development growth take shape, here are a few alternate trail routes and recommended safety trails for sites where construction work continues.


Bison Passage, North Basin, North Commons Lawn, North End Loop, North Sports Fields and the Bluffs

Stapleton has an abundance of trails, parks and open spaces designed for safe recreation.  While enjoying outdoor activities, please avoid areas under construction that are unsafe for public access. The attached map provides a convenient guide  to construction-free zones where Stapleton residents and visitors can safely enjoy their outdoor running, biking and walking activities.

These alternate routes are recommended for public safety and to help mitigate construction delays.

Commerce City’s Temporary Arsenal Connector Trail

The Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge (a.k.a. RMAWR) is one of the largest urban refuges in the country.  The 15,000-acre expanse of prairie is home to more than 330 species of migratory and resident wildlife.  Countless visitors travel to the RMAWR to walk the many hiking trails and take self-guided tours through the Visitor Center.

In recent years, Stapleton residents traveled along the Arsenal Connector trail located north of 56th along the eastern edge Commerce City’s Dick’s Sporting Goods Park. The Arsenal Connector trail has served as a temporary route to the RMAWR; however, the current construction for Stapleton’s next series of neighborhoods north of 56th has required that the trail be closed. This is largely because the trail sits where Central Park Boulevard will extend.

In working with the adjacent municipality, Commerce City, an alternate route is in place to ensure that residents can continue to walk and bike to the RMAWR.  The alternate route appears in green in the attached map.  This detour is necessary for recommended safety and to help mitigate construction delays.


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